Updated 25/06/2024
No longer in force since 27/06/2021

Version from: 01/06/2020
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Single Data Point Model

All data items set out in the Annexes to this Regulation shall be transformed into a single data point model which is the basis for uniform IT systems of institutions and competent authorities.

The single data point model shall meet the following criteria:


provide a structured representation of all data items set out in Annexes I, III, IV, VI, VIII, X, XII and XVI;


identify all the business concepts set out in Annexes I to XIII, XVI and XVII;


provide a data dictionary identifying table labels, ordinate labels, axis labels, domain labels, dimension labels and member labels;


provide metrics which define the property or amount of data points;


provide data point definitions that are expressed as a composition of characteristics that univocally identify the financial concept;


contain all the relevant technical specifications necessary for developing IT reporting solutions producing uniform supervisory data.