Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ Section, you can find all important information regarding our product. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to us.

What is judict?
judict is a limited liability company based in Berlin and specialised in offering a database on EU Financial Law. Leveraging technological advances, judict excels in sourcing and structuring European legal data and building a product tailored to the needs of legal professionals. This approach positions judict as the most up-to-date, complete and intuitive database of legal texts (including Regulations, Directives, Guidelines, Q&As and others) within the scope of EU Financial Law.
What kind of legal texts does the judict database contain?
The judict database contains the entire spectrum of European financial regulatory law. This includes MiFID II, EMIR, CRR, CRD IV, IFR, IFD, AIFMD, MiCAR, PSD 2, AMLD, Prospectus Regulation as well as all other legal acts in EU Financial Law.
All in all, the database not only contains the listed Regulations and Directives but the whole range of relevant documents on a daily updated basis:
  • all Level 2 legal acts, like Delegated Regulations and Implementing Decisions
  • Draft RTS/ITS, Guidelines, Q&As, Opinions, Guides and Decisions of the EBA, ESMA and EIOPA
  • Guides, Guidelines, Opinions and Recommendations from the ECB
To visualise the links between the different legal texts, the documents and Level 2 legal acts are also always displayed next to the Regulations & Directives and the specific articles to which they relate.
Is the judict database free of charge?
To access the contents and features of the judict database, law firms require a judict Pro Licence. However, there is one exception: the CRR Tool, one of our 67 Tools, is available free of charge to showcase our full set of features. Feel free to explore it here!
Why should I use the judict database instead of the EU websites?
While the EU websites often only offer unstructured and partly outdated information spread across many different websites, judict offers all legal acts and documents in a central and well-structured database. Always complete and up-to-date, the Level 2 legal acts, Guidelines, Q&As, etc are linked to the specific articles of the Regulations & Directives they relate to. judict can therefore decisively reduce your risk of overlooking important information. For a detailed comparison of judict to EUR-Lex and the Interactive Single Rulebooks, see here.
How can I get in touch with judict?
We are happy to answer any further questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at