Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ Section, you can find all important information regarding our product. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to us.

What is the 'judict Pro Licence'?
With a judict Pro Licence, you gain full access to our database, which contains all 67 Tools including all related documents and Level 2 legal acts together with the full set of features. A licence is acquired at law firm level and grants access to all employees within that organisation.
Why should our law firm get a 'judict Pro Licence'?
The primary objective of the judict database is to minimise a legal professional's risk of overlooking relevant information when determining the current legal situation. To achieve this objective, judict integrates all necessary information and functionalities in one database:
  • Information boxes regarding upcoming & unconsolidated amendments on an article-by-article basis
  • Daily updated links to all Level 2 legal acts (including Draft RTS/ITS) on an article-by-article basis
  • Daily updated links to all Q&As, Guidelines, Opinions, etc provided by EBA, ESMA, EIOPA and ECB on an article-by-article basis
  • German add-on with all BaFin documents
  • Best possible display of all legal acts and related content
    • ○ easy navigation and full-text search
    • ○ popup windows for legally defined terms
    • ○ timeline of legislative amendments
    • ○ and many more features from judict's set of useful functionalities
By doing so, we are setting a new standard for up-to-dateness and accuracy in legal research within the field of EU Financial Law.
Why do we need a 'judict Pro Licence' when the EU offers websites free of charge?
The EU websites are free, but the content is spread across the different websites of the various European bodies and the information you find is mostly unstructured and partly outdated. As a consequence, there is no robust overview and legal professionals rely on Google and E-Mail newsletters when searching for the information they need.
The judict database on the other hand, offers a daily updated and well-structured overview of all legal acts and documents in EU Financial Law. By linking the documents to the specific articles they related to and a range of other unique features, judict minimises your risk of overlooking relevant information.
An in depth comparison between the judict database on the one hand and the EU websites on the other hand, can be found here.
How can we get a 'judict Pro Licence' and how much does it cost?
The judict Pro Licence comes with a monthly fee. For full details of the costs and how you can obtain a licence, please contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.