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There is currently no Level 2 legal act based on or specifying Article 286.
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Article 286 - Management of CCR — Policies, processes and systems

Article 286

Management of CCR — Policies, processes and systems


An institution shall establish and maintain a CCR management framework, consisting of:


policies, processes and systems to ensure the identification, measurement, management, approval and internal reporting of CCR;


procedures for ensuring that those policies, processes and systems are complied with.

Those policies, processes and systems shall be conceptually sound, implemented with integrity and documented. The documentation shall include an explanation of the empirical techniques used to measure CCR.


The CCR management framework required by paragraph 1 shall take account of market, liquidity, and legal and operational risks that are associated with CCR. In particular, the framework shall ensure that the institution complies with the following principles:


it does not undertake business with a counterparty without assessing its creditworthiness;


it takes due account of settlement and pre-settlement credit risk;


it manages such risks as comprehensively as practicable at the counterparty level by aggregating CCR exposures with other credit exposures and at the firm-wide level.


An institution using the IMM shall ensure that its CCR management framework accounts to the satisfaction of the competent authority for the liquidity risks of all of the following:


potential incoming margin calls in the context of exchanges of variation margin or other margin types, such as initial or independent margin, under adverse market shocks;


potential incoming calls for the return of excess collateral posted by counterparties;


calls resulting from a potential downgrade of its own external credit quality assessment.

An institution shall ensure that the nature and horizon of collateral re-use is consistent with its liquidity needs and does not jeopardise its ability to post or return collateral in a timely manner.

An institution's management body and senior management shall be actively involved in, and ensure that adequate resources are allocated to, the management of CCR. Senior management shall be aware of the limitations and assumptions of the model used and the impact those limitations and assumptions can have on the reliability of the output through a formal process. Senior management shall be also aware of the uncertainties of the market environment and operational issues and of how these are reflected in the model.
The daily reports prepared on an institution's exposures to CCR in accordance with Article 287(2)(b) shall be reviewed by a level of management with sufficient seniority and authority to enforce both reductions of positions taken by individual credit managers or traders and reductions in the institution's overall CCR exposure.
An institution's CCR management framework established in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be used in conjunction with internal credit and trading limits. Credit and trading limits shall be related to the institution's risk measurement model in a manner that is consistent over time and that is well understood by credit managers, traders and senior management. An institution shall have a formal process to report breaches of risk limits to the appropriate level of management.
An institution's measurement of CCR shall include measuring daily and intra-day use of credit lines. The institution shall measure current exposure gross and net of collateral. At portfolio and counterparty level, the institution shall calculate and monitor peak exposure or potential future exposure at the confidence interval chosen by the institution. The institution shall take account of large or concentrated positions, including by groups of related counterparties, by industry and by market.
An institution shall establish and maintain a routine and rigorous program of stress testing. The results of that stress testing shall be reviewed regularly and at least quarterly by senior management and shall be reflected in the CCR policies and limits set by the management body or senior management. Where stress tests reveal particular vulnerability to a given set of circumstances, the institution shall take prompt steps to manage those risks.