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Article 117 - Exposures to multilateral development banks

Article 117

Exposures to multilateral development banks

Exposures to multilateral development banks that are not referred to in paragraph 2 shall be treated in the same manner as exposures to institutions. The preferential treatment for short-term exposures as specified in Articles 119(2), 120(2) and 121(3) shall not be applied.

The Inter-American Investment Corporation, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration and the CAF-Development Bank of Latin America shall be considered multilateral development banks.


Exposures to the following multilateral development banks shall be assigned a 0 % risk weight:


the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;


the International Finance Corporation;


the Inter-American Development Bank;


the Asian Development Bank;


the African Development Bank;


the Council of Europe Development Bank;


the Nordic Investment Bank;


the Caribbean Development Bank;


the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;


the European Investment Bank;


the European Investment Fund;


the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency;


the International Finance Facility for Immunisation;


the Islamic Development Bank;


the International Development Association;


the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The Commission is empowered to amend this Regulation by adopting delegated acts in accordance with Article 462 amending, in accordance with international standards, the list of multilateral development banks referred to in the first subparagraph.

A risk weight of 20 % shall be assigned to the portion of unpaid capital subscribed to the European Investment Fund.