Specialised on EU law, judict is reshaping how legal professionals in the financial regulatory practice find relevant information.

In our database we centralise all relevant content from the european and national supervisory authorities by automatically analysing the vast amounts of legal documents they provide. In our easy-to-use tool we then link the documents to the legal acts and the specific articles they relate to.

The CRR Tool is our first step on our mission to make research in financial regulatory law more efficient. We provide a daily updated overview of all CRR-related resources and thereby significantly reduce your research time.


Our vision is to facilitate access to all areas of EU law by offering a truly comprehensive database. No more jumping back and forth between different websites. No more questioning whether the information you find is complete and up-to-date. Automatically analysing high volumes of legal documents, we want to provide the best possible overview of all EU law resources and save you valuable time.

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