Smart legal research
for financial regulatory law

Smart legal research
for financial regulatory law

judict allows legal professionals to save time and improve the quality of their research results by analysing vast amounts of legal documents for them.

In our CRR Tool, we link all relevant legal documents to the CRR, the EU Capital Requirements Regulation.

Updated daily, we provide a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of the CRR and all content relevant to it.
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Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR)Related documentsRegulation No 575/2013Q&ADecisionOpinionGuideline In force since 28/06/2013
Collecting documents from

Ever-growing library

With the help of NLP techniques (natural language processing), judict analyses the websites of the EBA, BaFin and EUR-Lex.

We have screened more than 25.000 database entries, web pages and documents from the institutions’ websites for CRR-related content. Our algorithms detect all content relevant to the CRR and add it to our library.
A subsequent quality control ensures the high standard of our library data.
Number of documents analysed
EBA documents
BaFin webpages
EUR-Lex webpages

How the CRR Tool improves your workflow

Our tool centralises all CRR-related content from the european and national supervisory authorities.
This way, it provides easy and fast access to the information you need to solve challenging regulatory questions.
One-stop shop for all relevant content. With its thorough and easy-to-use platform judict significantly cuts down on your research time.
Analysing vast amounts of data, judict identifies all relevant legal documents and links them to the legal acts and the specific articles they relate to.
With a special focus on EU law, judict sources the relevant legal documents from the databases of the official european and national bodies.
Using NLP techniques (natural language processing), automated processes guarantee daily updates of the entire content of judict's library.
smart table of contents

Smart table of contents

The collapsible table of contents (ToC) not only saves you a lot of scrolling, but also gives you an indication of the type of documents linked to the specific articles.
live full-stext-search

Live full-text search

Search through the legal acts by any keyword and see the results immediately. Automatic grouping by articles allows for quick and easy navigation. This takes keyword searching to a new level.

This is what a definition looks like.

Scope of Application:
This shows you the scope of application
This shows you in which article the term is defined
quick definitions

Quick definitions

No more switching back and forth between articles to find definitions. Within a legal act, all defined terms are automatically found, underlined in black and explained when you hover over them.
consolidated versions

Consolidated versions

The latest available versions are provided whenever legal acts are amended. For all legal acts, it is possible to switch between the versions through an easy-to-use drop-down list which allows users to contrast the different consolidated versions.
deep links

Deep links

References to other legal acts are automatically recognised and highlighted in blue. This facilitates navigation between the different legal acts and reduces the overall research time. An example of a deep link can be seen here: 'Regulation 575/2013'.
ITS/RTS mapping

ITS/RTS mapping

Implementing/Regulatory Technical Standards are linked to the articles on which they are based. The ITS/RTS are displayed in a separate box next to the article text and can be accessed with a single click.

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate access to all areas of EU law by offering a truly comprehensive database. No more jumping back and forth between different websites. No more questioning whether the information you find is complete and up-to-date. Automatically analysing high volumes of legal documents, we want to provide the best possible overview of all EU law resources and save you valuable time.