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Article 459 - Prudential requirements

Article 459

Prudential requirements

The Commission shall be empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 462, to impose, for a period of one year, stricter prudential requirements for exposures where this is necessary to address changes in the intensity of microprudential and macroprudential risks which arise from market developments in the Union or outside the Union affecting all Member States, and where the instruments of this Regulation and Directive 2013/36/EU are not sufficient to address these risks, in particular upon the recommendation or opinion of the ESRB or EBA, concerning:


the level of own funds laid down in Article 92;


the requirements for large exposures laid down in Article 392 and Articles 395 to 403;


the public disclosure requirements laid down in Articles 431 to 455.

The Commission, assisted by the ESRB shall, at least on an annual basis, submit to the European Parliament and the Council, a report on market developments potentially requiring the use of this Article.

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Version from: 08/07/2022

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