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Article 420

Article 420 - Liquidity outflows

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Article 420

Liquidity outflows


Pending the specification of a liquidity requirement in accordance with Article 460, liquidity outflows to be reported shall include:


the current amount outstanding for retail deposits as set out in Article 421;


the current amounts outstanding of other liabilities that come due, can be called for payout by the issuing institutions or by the provider of the funding or entail an implicit expectation of the provider of the funding that the institution would repay the liability during the next 30 days as set out in Article 422;


the additional outflows referred to in Article 423;


the maximum amount that can be drawn during the next 30 days from undrawn committed credit and liquidity facilities, as set out in Article 424;


the additional outflows identified in the assessment in accordance with paragraph 2.

Institutions shall regularly assess the likelihood and potential volume of liquidity outflows during the next 30 days as far as products or services are concerned, which are not captured in Articles 422, 423 and 424 and which they offer or sponsor or which potential purchasers would consider to be associated with them, including but not limited to liquidity outflows resulting from any contractual arrangements such as other off-balance sheet and contingent funding obligations, including, but not limited to committed funding facilities, un-drawn loans and advances to wholesale counterparties, mortgages that have been agreed but not yet drawn down, credit cards, overdrafts, planned outflows related to renewal or extension of new retail or wholesale loans, planned derivative payables and trade finance off-balance sheet related products, as referred to in Article 429 and in Annex I. These outflows shall be assessed under the assumption of a combined idiosyncratic and market-wide stress scenario.

For this assessment, institutions shall take particular account of material reputational damage that could result from not providing liquidity support to such products or services. Institutions shall report not less than annually to the competent authorities those products and services for which the likelihood and potential volume of the liquidity outflows referred to in the first subparagraph are material and the competent authorities shall determine the outflows to be assigned. The competent authorities may apply an outflow rate up to 5 % for trade finance off-balance sheet related products, as referred to in Article 429 and Annex I.

The competent authorities shall at least annually report to EBA the types of products or services for which they have determined outflows on the basis of the reports from institutions. They shall in that report also explain the methodology applied to determine the outflows.

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