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Version from: 01/01/2023
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Article 399 - Eligible credit mitigation techniques

Article 399

Eligible credit mitigation techniques

An institution shall use a credit risk mitigation technique in the calculation of an exposure where it has used that technique to calculate capital requirements for credit risk in accordance with Title II of Part Three, provided that the credit risk mitigation technique meets the conditions set out in this Article.

For the purposes of Articles 400 to 403, the term ‘guarantee’ shall include credit derivatives recognised under Chapter 4 of Title II of Part Three other than credit linked notes.

Subject to paragraph 3 of this Article, where, under Articles 400 to 403 the recognition of funded or unfunded credit protection is permitted, this shall be subject to compliance with the eligibility requirements and other requirements set out in Part Three, Title II, Chapter 4.
Credit risk mitigation techniques which are available only to institutions using one of the IRB approaches shall not be used to reduce exposure values for large exposure purposes, except for exposures secured by immovable properties in accordance with Article 402.
Institutions shall analyse, to the extent possible, their exposures to collateral issuers, providers of unfunded credit protection and underlying assets pursuant to Article 390(7) for possible concentrations and where appropriate take action and report any significant findings to their competent authority.