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Article 353 - Foreign exchange risk of CIUs

Article 353

Foreign exchange risk of CIUs

For the purposes of Article 352, in respect of CIUs the actual foreign exchange positions of the CIU shall be taken into account.

Institutions may rely on the following third parties' reporting of the foreign exchange positions in the CIU:


the depository institution of the CIU provided that the CIU exclusively invests in securities and deposits all securities at this depository institution;


for other CIUs, the CIU management company, provided that the CIU management company meets the criteria set out in point (a) of Article 132(3).

The correctness of the calculation shall be confirmed by an external auditor.

Where an institution is not aware of the foreign exchange positions in a CIU, it shall be assumed that the CIU is invested up to the maximum extent allowed under the CIU's mandate in foreign exchange and institutions shall, for trading book positions, take account of the maximum indirect exposure that they could achieve by taking leveraged positions through the CIU when calculating their own funds requirement for foreign exchange risk. This shall be done by proportionally increasing the position in the CIU up to the maximum exposure to the underlying investment items resulting from the investment mandate. The assumed position of the CIU in foreign exchange shall be treated as a separate currency according to the treatment of investments in gold, subject to the addition of the total long position to the total long open foreign exchange position and the total short position to the total short open foreign exchange position where the direction of the CIU's investment is available. There shall be no netting allowed between such positions prior to the calculation.
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Version from: 08/07/2022

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